In our last post we discussed what being an acoustical consultant means. We explained that acoustic consultants measure, quantify and manipulate sound and vibration.  For this post, we thought we’d talk about what this means in the real world, how our work can impact your local community. As most of our work involves preparing acoustical reports, often for submission to Council to support a development application, we play a significant role in ensuring communities are not negatively impacted by noise.

Road Traffic Noise Reports

A road traffic noise report is required to measure road noise from either existing roads, new roads, road redevelopment projects or traffic-generating developments. The NSW Road Noise Policy defines the criteria that needs to be used by authorities as well as acoustic specialists like us. Council requirements also play an important role, as do EPA requirements, with the end goal being to minimise road noise for local residents.

Aircraft Noise Reports

Aircraft noise reports are prepared after an acoustic assessment is performed for residential developments near, or under, flight paths. The report will contain recommendations to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation and other government initiatives designed to manage the impact of aircraft noise.

Environmental Noise Reports

Environmental Noise can be related to a range of developments including:

  • Childcare Centres
  • Clubs, Hotels and Pubs
  • Commercial Developments
  • Entertainment Facilities
  • Recreational Facilities

Noise from these developments can affect nearby properties, disturbing sleep or interrupting work. A range of sophisticated techniques are employed to measure environmental noise and an environmental noise report is then prepared with recommendations for noise control. The EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) is responsible for enforcing noise control regulations along with other local authorities.

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